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10 Lessons on Life from a Culture Alchemist

How do you make juice from the fruit of your life? 
It is a new decade — and that means the beginning of a new chapter in the story of humanity. If you are alive right now, no doubt you feel the weight of this moment in time...

The Myth of the Mountain

Trail notes from the sacred quest. 
It is said that the mountain orients us out of the void. It forces us upward. We don’t rise above others — only in ourselves...

At the End of the Universe

Now I have said yes in full to my surrender. 
I flap my heavy wings, fumbling, learning how to stretch into their reach. An old friend writes me. They do not fully comprehend this search of mine; my searching for the pulse of life...


What the paradox encloses it also releases.
In order to live I must die. That is why IZNEZ has arrived. I meet her for the first time in Peru. It is evening in the sacred valley and we are gathered in the temple...

Breathing Into Infinity

The more we surrender to death, the more we welcome life.
I am standing on the warm sand watching the waves eat my feet when the thought bubbles up: "The past is done." 

On Belonging

What is the story that breathes life into your being?
I feel the wild winds of a new era dawning upon me. A bold declaration indeed. 

The Adventure Paradox

What exactly is a play temple? 
I'm not in the business of providing easy answers. No, I'm in the business of asking provocative questions. 


Working with Katharine has been one of the most eye-opening experiencesof my life.


Katharine is 100% present - like a laser-shark focus in our training. She shows up!


Katharine asks deep questions that really make me think and get to the core of the issue.


She's an intuitive wizard!


Kat is an excellent coach, instructor, and person. She has this natural ability to see from your point of view and genuinely cares about getting YOU to where YOU want to be. 


She facilitates from a place of power, but power that comes from honest work towards developing self-love in herself, and now, in others.


You know she's different the moment you meet her, and your experience with her will be completely one-of-a-kind.

Go beyond.

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