The art of  Embodied Adventure

The True Self and the Wild Divine 

June 25 - 28 2020

3 PM - 10 AM

As someone whose life’s work is committed to evolving consciousness, I know that the exponential age we are entering requires exponential humans. In this radical new era we are embracing a more holistic, inclusive, and ultimately quantum practice that recognizes ourselves as interconnected systems with some serious magic at our disposal. 


My own evolution and awakening has taught me that we design our reality in every moment. With this truth as the bedrock of my being, I have dedicated my time to discovering, inventing, and experimenting with practices of creative play and embodied presence. 


Changing your life doesn’t need to feel heavy or hard. Becoming more authentically you isn’t about striving for perfection in a highly curated world. Rather, I believe self-development can be an adventure, you can be flawed and fully awesome, and your worth is definitely not equated with whether people affirm you or not.


Standing in your power is about owning ALL of you.

During this retreat, you will be designing an adventure to expand your world. We’ll focus on holistic embodiment methodologies that increase awareness of our living, breathing system and amplify new ways of perceiving and playing with our reality. Combining creative play, core shamanism practices, and universal principles of design, this powerful weekend will reconnect you to your primal instinct and divine wildness while providing you with the transformational tools and tactical vision plan to continue driving your expansion.


This is a weekend to lean into what feels dangerous, juicy, and perhaps - impossible. It’s about learning how to move with your entire being: mind, body, and soul. You’ll experience your magic and see where your superpowers exist. You’ll stretch into more expansive forms.


And when you leave, you’ll be transformed.


Kat doesn’t give you the answers, she makes you aware of the answers within. I was guided towards a deeper and richer understanding of myself. I left with tools to deal with the challenges of my career shift and life in a proactive way. 

Melissa V.

Go beyond.

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