Go beyond.

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Know your worth.

It just takes one spark to ignite a wildfire. Katharine is that spark - intellectual, creative, empathetic, fearless - and dangerous. Why? Because she has the fast and uncanny ability to make you realize that you're capable of anything.

Working with Kat has been one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. She has guided me through a career change this year and other personal issues that I struggled to overcome on my own. Kat taught me how to believe in myself again, and realize that I assign my own worth. Kat is 100% present - like a laser-shark focus in our sessions. She shows up! Even when we talk about dark stuff, she doesn't shy away. She genuinely cares. Kat asks deep questions that really make me think and get to the core of the issue. She's an intuitive wizard!

Kat and I worked together for 3 months. Her coaching helped me find direction through a transitional period in my life. Her questions are a gentle mirror to help YOU SEE yourself and your habits clearly and with love. She guided me through creative self-discovery and showed me how to start navigating my fears. We started building the foundation of a future business — a journey I hope to continue with her! Can’t thank you enough for your guidance, presence, honesty, and patience, Kat! 

Allison K.

Simply put, I was blown away. Not only did I gain a greater understanding of how intentions affects just about every aspect of life, but I met an incredible teacher, advocate, and human being. Kat opened a door for me. Her influence was, and is, impactful. 

Kat's primary influence is her mirroring realness. Kat inspires those around her to find the particular tools and truths within themselves. Both individually and in groups, she confronts with presence, not pressure, believing in the individual's capacity for choice; she advises in questions, play, and active imagination.

Toward the end of summer 2018, I was feeling like it was time to make some changes in my life, and figure out what my heart was truly desiring. In just a few short months from my first call with Kat, my life has changed in so many ways I almost don't even recognize it. Kat's guidance helped me fulfill a dream project of recording my first solo album which is slated to release in just a few weeks. I'm about halfway saved up for a journey to India, and my days tend to flow with more harmony and grace. I am so incredibly grateful for the gifts Kat helped me to realize and manifest. Thank you, Kat!

Being coached by Kat is like lighting the fire that starts your rocket ship. She helps prepare you to blast-off into the galaxy of your own power and potential. She has the high-level, big-picture foresight to tap into what you are desiring to create for yourself and help you align with your true self. She also has an incredible capacity to listen, and the awareness to ask you the right questions to help you clarify your desires on a soul and human level. She encourages you to tap into that overflowing well of resources, power and potential within you. To top it all off, she offers practical, grounded and tangible solutions to help you move forward towards those goals the minute you step off a call. She's great!

Rachel F.

Kat is an excellent coach, instructor, and person. She has this natural ability to step into your shoes, see from your point of view, and genuinely care about getting YOU to where YOU want to be. I would imagine that her secret ingredient is love. She coaches from a place of power, but power that comes from honest work towards developing self-love in herself, and now, in others. You know she's different the moment you meet her, and your experience with her will be completely one of a kind.

Every word that flows out of Kat is like a jazzy philosophical riff of just what you need to hear. Kat doesn’t give you the answers, she makes you aware of the answers within yourself. I learned valuable tools of self reflection and self awareness, and was guided towards a deeper and richer understanding of not only my new career path, but also myself. I left with tools to deal with the challenges of my career shift and life in a proactive way...and ultimately that’s led me to where I am now.