Go beyond.

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Design your own adventure.

The praxis & practice of freedom. 

My work has always investigated the concept of deep freedom: how we design for belonging in a fractured world. 


The author and social activist bell hooks describes education as the practice of freedom and this is ultimately what my work practices, preaches, and teaches.  

I do not believe in easy answers, nor do I provide them.

Instead I show how to embody and embrace change through practical and playful modalities that connect people to their essence and true power. 

I advocate for continuous re-invention at every level so you become your own solution. 

My philosophy is one of holistic transgression. 


Adventures, experiments, provocative questions and creative rituals designed to ignite change and unlock transformation in humans of all ages.

I preach, write, and teach to liberate

the mind, body, and spirit from limiting stories. 

Choose your alchemy.

Conquer fear + 

change your life

The Fearless



Journeys + Adventures



A play casbah +

celebration of aliveness

Arko Revivals

essays from the

end of the universe




It just takes one spark to ignite a wildfire. 

Katharine is that spark - intellectual, creative, empathetic, fearless - and dangerous. Why? Because she has the fast and uncanny ability to make you realize that you're capable of anything.

Karim M.