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Merging the modern and the magical, my speaking and storytelling combine potent social rituals and futuristic paradigms.
Designed to expand the mind, investigate possibility, and invigorate the soul, my favorite things to talk about include:
  • How to conquer fear and change your life
  • Why magic is the technology of consciousness
  • Why constant innovation is the most important skill of the next century
  • The power of play for the future of humanity
  • The cost of human connection
  • Designing for the next 7 generations
  • How to go beyond. 
My speaking experiences include: featured talks, creative performance, ceremonial work, live podcasts, and panel facilitation. 
Featured Podcasts 
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Not an Annoying Self Help 


What's the Juice with Organic Olivia 
90 min


If you’ve been feeling stuck or frustrated, like you’re standing in your own way but just can’t take the first step, this is for you. Katharine Hargreaves, founder of The Fearless Experiment teaches us (with full-on gusto) that so much of our fear is actually just blocked excitement. That there’s a part of us just dying to run and jump into the unknown even if we find a million reasons not to. 

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The Wisdom of Creative Expression

Real Wealth, Real Health with AdaPia d'Errico
30 min


How do you express your innate Self? How do you show up in the world?

Katharine Hargreaves is passionate about designing the human experience. In our real, raw conversation, we get into what it means to hold onto identity, how we shut down our creativity in order to gain approval, what nature has to teach us about ourselves through its governing principles, and what it means to experience the power of Yes!

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Spirit Sprinkle

VoiceU with Kate Faust and Jesse Nelson 
60 min


VoiceU holds conversations with folks from all backgrounds about their journey with authenticity and vulnerability on the quest for empowerment. This week we talk to culture alchemist Katharine Hargreaves about the journey and the beauty of the road less traveled.

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Crafting the Freedom In 

Our Everyday Lives

In the Balance with Susan Lambert 
30 min


Katharine Hargreaves wants you to live your own individual definition of freedom. She stands ready to help you design your freedom by helping you design your world. Her superpower is designing the conditions and holding the space for transformation to happen.

Selected Talks

You Are Magic

SLAM! at General Assembly
SLAM! featured innovative design thinkers exploring interdisciplinary topics at the nexus of design, technology and creative inspiration. 

Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology, my talk focused on how the universal principles of design can unleash magic in your life. 

The Ethics of Anti-Ego

Evenings at the Loft by Kluge

Evenings at the Loft pairs three designers, delicious food, and drinks for an evening of lightning talks exploring different aspects and intersections of design. 

My talk explored the radical power of empathy, the necessity of truth in action, and why we need to design for the next seven generations. 


It just takes one spark to ignite a wildfire.


Katharine is that spark: intellectual, creative, empathetic, fearless - and dangerous. Why?


Because she has the fast and uncanny ability to make you realize that you're capable of anything.


Simply put, I was blown away.


Not only did I gain a greater understanding of how design affects just about every aspect of life, but I met an incredible teacher, advocate, and human being.


Katharine opened a door for me. Her influence was, and is, impactful.

Go beyond.

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