Go beyond.

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Truth is medicine.

Your story is the seed that

brings your world into being. 

Merging the modern and the magical, my work acts as an incantation invoking new paradigms.
I deliver interactive and provocative talks that challenge the status quo. Designed to expand the mind, investigate possibility, and invigorate the soul, I share insights and personal stories that explore quantum consciousness, the power of play, re-designing your reality, integrating the psychedelic experience, and accessing total presence. 
Language is a vehicle for evolution. Shifting perspectives and empowering new possibilities, my talks are for those people who are ready to go beyond. 
The Wisdom of Creative Expression

Real Wealth, Real Health with AdaPia D'Errico

30 min

Spirit Sprinkle:
Shamanic Coaching

VoiceU with Kate Faust 

30 min

Crafting the Freedom in Our Everyday Lives

In the Balance with Susan Lambert

30 min

Selected Talks
You are Magic 


General Assembly 

SLAM! featured innovative design thinkers exploring interdisciplinary topics at the nexus of design, technology and creative inspiration. 

Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology, my talk focused on how the universal principles of design can unleash magic in your life. 

Ethics of Anti-Ego

Evenings at the Loft 


Evenings at the Loft pairs three designers, delicious food, and drinks for an evening of lightning talks exploring different aspects and intersections of design. 

My talk explored the radical power of empathy, the necessity of truth in action, and why we need to design for the next seven generations.