Evolve through Adventure.

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Liberation through transformation.

The author and social activist bell hooks describes education as the practice of freedom. This is the foundation of all my transformational work: that when you are empowered to work with change instead of against it, you go beyond what you thought was originally possible.


You become exponential. 

I don't provide easy answers - but I do empower you to find yours. I advocate for ongoing re-invention at every level so you become your own solution. 

My approach is radical, revolutionary, and ritualistic: I create adventures and experiments; ask dangerous questions; and deploy creative exercises designed to ignite change in teams, organizations, and individuals. 

Ways to Work Together

Flex Workshop

Tell an impossible story with your team. 

Designed to support your organization in telling an impossible story, Flex cultivates collaborative practices that expand your team's possibility space. Innovate at your edges through creative play and collective storytelling. 

The Experiment

Monthly alchemy experiments, in your inbox. 
The Experiment is a self-guided pathway that teaches you how to re-invent your life through alchemy and adventure. Choose how deep you want to go with our bi-monthly experiments. 


Your portal to connection. 

AWAKYN™ is a magic card game changing the world one connection at a time. This powerful and portable deck of original social rituals, questions, and conversation starters make it easy to go deep and get real with strangers, family, and friends. 

Consciously Connected Retreat

A self-discovery weekend in Joshua Tree June 2020. 
Consciously Connected Travel crafts, creates & cultivates the most culturally rich & locally immersive experiences. This exclusive weekend will teach you how to design an experiment that will change your life. 
Enterprise Trainings
Workshop Design
Curriculum Design 
Systems Design
Ceremony Design  


It's rare to come across talent and spark as Katharine’s. What an experience! Fearless is quite a workshop - Katharine’s passion was there for everyone to see.


More importantly, her message is deeply relevant: when we live in our deep truth, we unlock our greatest potential. She guides her audience into places where they can think about how to be the main character of their own life. Thank you, Kat, for your magic.


The Fearless Workshop was a great addition to IDSA’s Women in Design Deep Dive event.

Katharine guided over 150 attendees through a journey that skillfully mixed humor, personal anecdotes and self-reflective moments.


The result was an unexpectedly intense (in a good way) experience that added profound value to our event and empowered the audience to take action of their future

Go beyond.

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