Go beyond.

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Ambassador of cosmo-rama.

Consciousness is our greatest technology. 

Language is a catalyst and conduit for collective evolution. 

Words are the way I give form to the world. 

Because your mind holds the key to the universe. 

I am an ambassador of the cosmo-rama.


I am a culture alchemist that teaches people how to

re-design their reality through radical ritual

I am a sacred trickster that exposes truth through paradox and play. 

I am a shamanic practitioner that empowers people to inhabit the divine essence of their true self. 

Like nature, my work is interdisciplinary, interactive, and

non-linear. Whatever I do and wherever my work calls me, I am here to advance the awakening of all humanity. 

Play with reality.
Illuminate the nameless. 
Do the impossible.


Kat prepares you to blast-off into the galaxy of your own power and potential. She helps you align with your true self.


Kat helps you clarify your desires on a soul and human level. She encourages you to tap into that overflowing well of resources, power and potential within you. 

Rachel F. 

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