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Who is 

I call myself a culture alchemist because I am a translator and facilitator of tectonic patterns of transformation. In other words:

I teach people how to embrace and navigate change during times of disruptive transition. 

I have been an entrepreneur and edge walker since birth. Driven to decode complexity, I have spent the past decade of my career learning how to design human-centered systems and educational pathways that empower people with the knowledge and tools of the future. 

Tell impossible stories.
 Portal to connection.
Experiments to conquer fear.
The Fearless Experiment
Professional Background

Like many visionaries, my path has been anything but linear. Working inter-dimensionally across industries has provided me with a powerful transformational toolkit and deep exposure to a diversity of people, organizations, cultures, and game-changing ideas.  


My professional path started in writing and publishing, when I launched Whole Beast Rag (RIP), an online magazine dedicated to publishing provocative ideas that push culture forward.


As the Creative Director of a digital platform, my work was centered on design systems and digital media. I soon pivoted into User Experience Design as a consultant, where I worked with enterprise companies to simplify, streamline, and update massive legacy systems.


Once burned out on the tech scene, I transitioned into tech education: teaching world-changing design concepts, frameworks, and methodologies to students of all ages. 

While teaching design, I realized that what I was truly educating my students on was processes of change management - AKA constant innovation. It was around this time that my spiritual awakening happened, changing everything*.


*You can read more about that here.

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Katharine guides individual and team growth with conscious enthusiasm on focused targets. In learning spaces, she facilitates structured exploration toward a shared vision through expert leadership tactics.


Katharine is an astute observer and shares her thoughtful insights with strong, transformative communication that calls others to action.


Kat made me feel safe and empowered as we began to redesign my life and career. Her desire to support the vision of her clients is both inspiring and grounding.


Kat's approach and her ability to see the vital steps that lead up to the big picture are crucial to making your life's work work for you!

Go beyond.

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