Go Beyond.
* Re-designing reality since 2012.
Writer. Educator. 
Culture Alchemist. 

I teach people how to navigate change in

times of disruptive transition. 

Change is a language - and the conditions are always changing. This means that change is an adaptive - and oftentimes unruly - process. 

I am passionate about creating accessible, innovative, and integrated systems that empower people to think differently, design their future, and do the impossible

I weave together creative play, quantum theory, transformational modalities, and leadership coaching techniques into my frameworks. My approach is holistic, radical, inclusive, and playful. 

No matter the project, I bring authentic and actionable tools and facilitation techniques that empower inquiry, expand possibility, and ignite action.

Featured Projects 
Tell impossible stories.
 Portal to connection.
Experiments to conquer fear.
The Experiment
What is a Culture Alchemist? 

Artist of consciousness. Agent of evolution. 

Translator of tectonic patterns of transformation. 

There is a hidden language inside everything.


Patterns permeate life: stories, symbols, and systems are all forms of encoding data necessary to our survival and expansion as a species.


When you clarify the patterns driving your perspective, you are able to unlock the codes architecting your reality. 

As a writer, educator, and culture alchemist, my work explores how to 

catalyze evolutionary knowledge.

As a visionary leader, I transcend the traditional. 

I write about creating powerful experiments to conquer fear and change your world.

I design transformational workshops for companies that empower teams to tell impossible stories together. 

I create and facilitate new social rituals for human connection.

Above all, I create experiential portals that facilitate consciousness, creativity, and human connection. 

Our disconnected and disruptive world requires new rituals and ways of learning, connecting, and co-creating solutions for humanity. 

That's why we are the magic. 


Katharine's primary influence is her mirroring realness.


She inspires those around her to find the particular tools and truths within themselves. Both individually and in groups, she confronts with presence, not pressure.


Believing in the individual's capacity for choice; she advises in questions, play, and active imagination.


Kat brought a palpable energy to our Designmatter students.


She facilitated an incredible opportunity for self-exploration and self-innovation. ArtCenter students are carefully crafting their hard design skills. It was refreshing to explore and cultivate soft skills during this workshop.


I believe all participants developed a greater sense of personal and creative confidence.

Go beyond.

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